​​​​Featuring the Authentic Sounds of the Middle East, North Africa and India.

I'm dj Zep ...  Welcome to Sound Alchemy!

I like spinning from the Middle East and North Africa ... authentic sounds with a modest degree of Wesrtern fusion especially  for trance dance.

Regular Contributing DJ  for PBS  WEXT 977 out of the New York Capital District with a number of hour long features on genres including world beat, house, lounge and special topics.

I hunt for tracks that exhibit timeless rhythms, voices and moods which have a long history in well evolved tribal environments --music that is stirring, enchanting and easy to fall in love with.

I promote sounds that draw my listeners in more deeply with the hope of inspiring personal reflection and self discovery, movement and dance.

In the West today there is a growing awareness and interest in the music of many ancient cultures for their richness, uniqueness, delightful melodies and tribal rhythms.

Many of my selections come from Algeria, Mali, Egypt, Camaroon, Syria, and India.

What I Can Do For You ...
I can help you create a vibe among friends who love an intoxicating dance zone experience.

Wonderful things begin to happen when we live in a way that puts us more in touch with our own humanity and that of others, and when we feel lifted to a higher plane of awareness and consciousness. I believe dance can do that. Seeing that happen is my passion.

Good things take time to develop and the vibe I'm talking about is something which evolves to greater and greater levels of both personal and social enjoyment over a span of many weeks. 

Contact me and let's see what we have in common and how we can fulfill one another's dreams.

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